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January 2003 Archives

Swix Goes Live - Tiny Apache-Licensed XUL Motor for Swing Apps or Applets

Wolf Paulus - of Theodore fame (XUL Forms Designer for Thinlet) - has created a tiny (less than 30k) open-source XUL motor for Swing dubbed Swix licensed under an Apache-style license. Swix lets you create UIs for your apps or applets using a XUL dialect that holds on to Swing names wherever possible (e.g. class names such as JFrame or JPanel map to tag names such as <frame> or <panel>; method names such as setSize() or setTitle() map to attribute names such as size or title). For the full battery of supported tags and attributes see the Swix Tag Reference.

Bring-Your-Own-Markup Swix Applet. Wolf has also created a small servlet that lets you try out Swix UI markup through a web page titled Swix Live. Type in (or cut and paste) your Swix markup into the textbox and click "Show Me" to kick off a web page housing a Swix applet showing your very own creation.

Swix Forms Designer Upcoming. Wolf has also started work on a XUL Forms Designer for Swix code-named Franklin.

Full story at and

posted by Gerald Bauer on January 27, 2003
Luxor Contrib Website Kick Off
Luxor Contrib Logo

Denis Cardon launched the Luxor Contrib Website sporting tutorials, tag plug-in examples and more.

For full story check out

posted by Gerald Bauer on January 07, 2003
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