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XUL Showcase: World Wonders Propelled By Thinlet
posted by Gerald Bauer on August 26, 2003

The Thinlet micro XUL motor that fits in a single ultra-lightweigth 36 k class file now sports a revamped web site that includes a showcase page that hightlights projects propelled by Thinlet such as:

Theodore (XUL Editor for Thinlet) by Wolf Paulus

Easy to use all visual environment for Thinlet GUI development.

Luke (Lucene Index Browser) by Andrzej Bialecki

A diagnostic tool for Lucene indexes that lets you browse documents in the index, perform queries, navigate through terms, optimize indexes and more.

Skinlet (Skin Support for Thinlet) by Eugene Klein

Adds skin support to Thinlet.

ThinSQL by Klaus Gotthardt

A free applet-php_MySQL or applet-servlet utility that connects to an SQL server over the Internet to let you add, delete, change, and query data.

Sign'nCrypt II by Digitaltrust

Digitally sign and encrypt documents, guaranteeing the authenticity, the origin and the integrity, fullfilling the requirements of the European Community and the Italian law.

and many more

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