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Microsoft's Latest Longhorn "Innovation": XUL (XML UI Language)
posted by Gerald Bauer on October 25, 2003

The blogsphere is abuzz about Microsoft's next-gen XML markup language codenamed XAML (XML Application Markup Language) that turns Windows Longhorn itself into a browser and packs the internet into Billy's trunk with a single OS upgrade.

Microsoft will unwrap the XUL knock-off and the new world domination scheme at its upcoming Longhorn Dev Pow Wow (PDC) next week in Los Angeles.

To read up on XAML check out the XUL News Wire Story titled "Microsoft will ship Longhorn Betas with built-in XUL motor this fall" or try out Luxor XUL to test drive Microsoft's latest "innovation" today.


Well, the Mozilla/Netscape/AOL people had BETTER be well on their way to either patenting XUL, or at least making VERY clear and legally binding notirizings of the spec documents and their dates for prior-art reasons, because if "type-ahead signals in instant messanger" is any example (something I saw in Yahoo's long before I saw it in MSN-IM), Microsoft WILL try to patent this XAML stuff in a way that makes XUL in violation.

Posted by: Joe Shelby at October 25, 2003 02:27 PM

Acctually I'm not convinced patenting would be a good solution. I'm sure some collaboration will be possibil if initial dust settles and people realize that both ends of the wire have a good proposition. Bragging about market share and suggestions to kindergards arn't helping.

Isn't the greater goal to make computers more accessabil for the masses, and not fighting about which XML dialect is the best?

There are at least two XAML engineers blogging, send mail ask for how working together might be achived, you might notice that the "making the connection" part of PDC wasn't mere marketing.

I've personaly talked with people from WinFS team about considering RDF.

Give it a try!

Posted by: Benjamin J. J. Voigt at November 2, 2003 03:32 AM
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