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XUL Grand Coding Challenge 2004 Invitation - Last Call
posted by Gerald Bauer on April 06, 2004

I invite you to sign-up for the XUL Grand Coding Challenge 2004.

The XUL Grand Coding Challenge is a good opportunity to promote your XUL/XUI/XAML toolkit/parser/runtime/player/etc.

For example, Marc Clifton will write-up an article for the Code Project site. I will write-up articles for the Richmond Post, the XUL News Wire, and so on and also bundle-up a package for easy download such as or similar that includes all examples plus readme docs.

So far the sign-up line-up includes:

See the XUL Grand Challenge 2004 Wiki page for more.

If you're interested in signing up or if you have any questions please let me know. Note, that we will kick off the XUL Grand Coding Challenge 2004 next week. So if want to get included don't delay. Sign up now.

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