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Chronicle of the Xul Revolution
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Sing along. The Joy of Xul

Peter Bojanic composed the hymn "The Joy of XUL" praising XUL's key benefits including:

Selected lyrics:

XUL lets you build rich cross platform apps that can run connected or disconnected from the Internet. You can easily customize your apps with alternative text, graphics and layout to brand or localize your apps for different markets.

Dynamic application logic benefits from a UI presentation layer that is standards-based, scriptable, extensible, and distributable over the Internet.

XUL blurs the distinction between desktop apps and Internet browser apps because it combines the best of both worlds.

Full hymn at

posted by Gerald Bauer on June 28, 2002
More Xul Motors. The Minor League

Besides "The Big Three" dozens of Xul motors blossom or fade away.

posted by Gerald Bauer on June 26, 2002
Quote of the Day: Victor Hugo

No army can stop an idea whose time has come. -- Victor Hugo

posted by Gerald Bauer on June 20, 2002
Free Xul Tag Reference

You can consult a Javadoc-style framed Xul tag reference sporting cherry-picked real-world examples from around the globe at

If you prefer an all-in-one Xul tag reference instead of a heap of loose ends for printing on a papyrus roll, swing over to

Take away. I will bundle the framed Xul tag reference with the upcoming Luxor Beta 5. Check back in a week to get your offline copy.

posted by Gerald Bauer on June 18, 2002
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