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July 2002 Archives

Xulux Coming Soon. Apache-licensed Java Xul Engine Project Forming

James Strachan (of Jaxen and dom4j fame) and Martin van den Bemt launched the Xulux project ( James writes in his weblog (

The Xulux (pronounced zoolooks) project is gathering steam. Its going to be an ASF licenced open source XUL framework. The aim is to simplify the development of rich/thick clients using XUL to define more traditional, rich user interfaces. The XUL can then be transformed into HTML / DHTML / JavaScript for old HTML browsers such as IE while still supporting rich in XUL browsers such as Mozilla or Flash (thanks to ZULU). So the aim is to build a HTML, Swing and SWT clients for XUL as well as a server side framework for developing XUL applications.

So rich clients (Swing, SWT, Mozilla, Flash) can be supported while still using XML and web application development technologies.

It looks like the jXUL guys, who've stopped maintaining jXUL are happy for Xulux to adopt the codebase, ASF licence it and improve it. They may even join Xulux and help out at some point in the future.

Check out their logo. No code yet.

posted by Gerald Bauer on July 30, 2002
Luxor Techno Bubble. VanX Talk Slides

Check out the VanX screenplay for the Luxor episode The "Linux Kernel" for Desktop Apps - Uniting XUL, SVG, HTML, Velocity, Web Start, XSL/T, Python and more at

Episode Review. Gerald gives you a no-fluff, fast-paced, example-packed XUL tour and dispells some XUL myths (XUL needs Javascript or Mozilla; XUL is an arachic XForms predecessor) on the way.

Gerald explains the Five Freedoms of the XUL charter and how all the pieces fit together. After praising Mozilla XUL Gerald trashes some XUL-like wannabes and explains how and why Luxor XUL dares to differs from Mozilla XUL.

Experience the future and get a taste of the Free World.

Episode Reruns. Luxor: Beyond Swing and HTML: Building Rich, Cross-Platform, Zero-Admin Desktop Apps on Open Standards Today online at

posted by Gerald Bauer on July 26, 2002
Discussion Thread Spotlight: The Server Side

Can closed-source, single-vendor, Windope-first rich client milk machines match open-source XUL alternatives? Join the discussion at "The Server Side" -

posted by Gerald Bauer on July 12, 2002
Luxor Beta 5 Live

Grab a copy at New attractions in Beta 5 include:

First Call. Be the first to know about Luxor releases and sign up for Freshmeat's notification service at For Apollo and Rachel sign up at and

posted by Gerald Bauer on July 05, 2002
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