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October 2003 Archives

Microsoft's Latest Longhorn "Innovation": XUL (XML UI Language)

The blogsphere is abuzz about Microsoft's next-gen XML markup language codenamed XAML (XML Application Markup Language) that turns Windows Longhorn itself into a browser and packs the internet into Billy's trunk with a single OS upgrade.

Microsoft will unwrap the XUL knock-off and the new world domination scheme at its upcoming Longhorn Dev Pow Wow (PDC) next week in Los Angeles.

To read up on XAML check out the XUL News Wire Story titled "Microsoft will ship Longhorn Betas with built-in XUL motor this fall" or try out Luxor XUL to test drive Microsoft's latest "innovation" today.

posted by Gerald Bauer on October 25, 2003 | Add Your Comments (2)
XUL In Action: Swing or SWT? Who cares?

The XUL News Wire reports that Jon Lipsky announced XMLFace 1.0 Beta 1.

What's XMLFace?

XMLFace is a XUL (XML UI Language) motor that lets you build - surprise, surprise - classic desktop UIs using XML.

Now here's the biggie: The XEsoft XMLFace XUL toolkit lets your run the same application with Swing or with SWT without changing a single line of Java code. How's that?

Seeing is believing. To see XMLFace in action check out the screenshots and source samples:

Talkback. I also kicked off a XUL in Action discussion thread in the Viva The Java Republic forum in the Javalobby.

posted by Gerald Bauer on October 14, 2003
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