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The XUL Titan Interview Series


To highlight the personalities behind XUL projects and initiatives and to offer behind-the-scene insider stories the Richmond Post interviews every month a titan from the XUL world.

Note, that you can download all interviews zipped up in a package for offline reading (look for the xul-interviews package).

The XUL Titan Interviews - The Who's Who in the XUL World

Q & A with Alan Williamson
Filelet Development Lead; Thinlet Developer

Q & A with Michael Klaus
SwixNG Development Lead

Q & A with Joern Turner
Chiba XForms Development Lead

Q & A with Vic Cekvenich
Struts Book Author on RiAs (Rich Internet Applications) and SOA (Service-Oriented Architecture)

Q & A with Dawid Weiss
Thinlet Mobile and Desktop Lead for Medical Emergency Triage Application

Q & A with Michael Nascimento Santos
Thinlet Core Development Lead; Genesis Lead

Q & A with Claus Wahlers
DENG (XForms Player in Flash/ActionScript) Project Lead

Q & A with Dimitri Pissarenko (Part I) | (Part II)
SwiXml/Thinlet Viewer Project Lead (Java/Kaffe/gcj/Viva)

Q & A with Mathew McBride (Part I) | (Part II)
Jazilla Project Lead (Java/Kaffe/gcj/Viva)

Q & A with Nigel McFarlane (Part I) | (Part II)
Rapid Application Development with Mozilla (Using XUL, CSS and JavaScript) Book Author

Q & A with Andrzej Bialecki (Part I) | (Part II)
Luke Project Lead, Thinlet Contributor (Java/Kaffe/gcj/Viva)

Q & A with Vladimir Kvassov
Luxor Contributor (Java/Kaffe/gcj/Viva)

Q & A with Luan O'Carroll (Part I) | (Part II)
Xoetrope XUI and Carousel Project Lead (Java/Kaffe/gcj/Viva)

Q & A with Son To (Part I) | (Part II)
Sulu Project Lead (Java/Kaffe/gcj/Viva)

Q & A with George Staikos (Part I) | (Part II)
KaXul/uXul Project Lead (KDE/Qt/C/C++)

Q & A with Kate Rhodes (Part I) | (Part II)
Caterpillar Project Lead; Thinlet and SwiXml Developer (Java/Kaffe/gcj/Viva)

Q & A with R. Dale Asberry
Installer DeLux Project Lead; Luxor Contributor (Java/Kaffe/gcj/Viva)

Q & A with Marc Clifton (Part I) | (Part II)
MyXaml and MyXaml Visual Designer Project Lead (Mono/DotGNU/.Net)

Q & A with Wolf Paulus
SwiXml, Theodore and Franklin Project Lead (Java/Kaffe/gcj/Viva)

Q & A With Ovi Comes
Zulu Project Lead (Macromedia Flash)

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