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XForms Links

Official W3C Links

Official W3C XForms Portal

W3C XForms Spec 1.0

XForms for HTML Authors
W3C Tutorial by Steven Pemberton, October 2003

Official W3C XForms FAQ


Using XForms to Build A Weather Web Services Client
Code Project Article by Mark Birbeck, July 2004

Tip: Use XForms to send and receive Web services messages
IBM DeveloperWorks Article by Nicholas Chase, June 2004

Getting Started with XForms Article by Bob DuCharme, December 2003

The Secret Life of XForms
DevX Article by Kurt Cagle, November 2003

XForms and Microsoft InfoPath Article by Micah Dubinko, October 2003

Ten Favorite XForms Engines Article by Micah Dubinko, September 2003

What Are XForms? Article by Micah Dubinko, September 2002

Get ready for XForms
IBM DeveloperWorks Article by Joel Rivera and Len Taing, September 2002

Free, Open Source XForms Projects

Mozilla XForms Project
Sponsored by Novell and IBM

Deng (XForms Browser Plugin Using Flash)
Requires Macromedia Flash; Developed in ActionScript (Macromedia's JavaScript dialect for Flash); Licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL); headed by Claus Wahlers

Chiba (Server-Side XForms Processor Using Java)
Licensed under the Artistic License; headed by Joern Turner

X-Smiles (XForms Browser In Java)
Licensed under an Apache-style license; headed by Mikko Honkala (Helsinki University of Technology)

Closed Source XForms Projects

x-port FormsPlayer
XForms Browser Plugin For Internet Explorer 6.0+ (Windows Only)

Mailinglists, Forums

W3C XForms Mailinglist


Richmond Post Poll: What is your XForms Player of choice?

Richmond Post Poll: What do you think of W3C XForms?


Web Forms - XForms 1.0
by Steven Pemberton, WWW 2004, New York, May 2004

Putting XForms to Work
by Micah Dubinko, OSCON 2003, Portland, Oregon, July 2003

The Future of the Web: Rich Clients, Rich Browsers, Rich Portals
by Gerald Bauer, March 2003 @ VanX Vancouver, Canada
A Look at XUL, XForms, XWT, Curl and other emerging technologies


XForms Essentials by Micah Dubinko |
280 pages, August 2003, O'Reilly, ISBN: 0596003692

XForms: XML Powered Web Forms by T. V. Raman |
304 pages, September 2003, Addison Wesley, ISBN: 0321154991


XForms At A Glance
XForms Cheat Sheet by T. V. Raman (created for WWW 2003 conference)

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