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Luxor XML UI Language (XUL) Toolkit | | |
XUL toolkit includes web server, portal engine, template engine, scripting interpreter and more; Dual Licensed: GNU General Public License (GPL)+Classic License Option; Headed by Gerald Bauer

News - History As It Happens

The Memphis Sun
Official Luxor News Blog

Discussions, Mailing Lists - Ask Real People

luxor-xul-user Mailing List - Subscribe/Unsubscribe - Archive @ Sourceforge
Ask questions or share tips and tricks about the Luxor XUL toolkit.

Reference / Cheat Sheets

Xul Reference @ Luxor |
All tags and attributes explainded with cherry-picked real world examples

Pocket Reference @ Luxor
Carry it in your purse

Talk Slides, Presentations

Luxor: The "Linux Kernel" for Desktop Apps - Uniting XUL, SVG, HTML, Velocity, Web Start, XSL/T, Python and more
Fast-Paced, example packed Xul Intro (50+ slides)

Luxor Xul - Beyond Swing and HTML: Building Rich, Cross-Platform, Zero-Admin Desktop Apps on Open Standards Today
35.000 feet Luxor Xul panorama (50+ slides)

FAQs - Off-The-Shelf Answers, Collected Wisdom


Apps Hall of Fame - XUL World Wonders and Beauty Queens

Venus Application Publisher (Vamp) / Venus Labs
Tool suite that helps you develop, package, sign, catalog, publish, syndicate, collect or install Web Start apps

Lopica Web Start Tools
Lopica Web Start Browser, Lopica Web Start Checker, Lopica Web Start Catalog Machine

Installer DeLux
Installation toolkit that you can easily customize and extend thanks to XUL and Ant


XUL: The Gatekeeper to Higher-level Web UIs
DevX Article by Laurence Moroney (Senior Architect Reuters Innovation Labs and Rapid Development Group, New York City), June 2004

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