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XUL Granddaddy; runs on Mac OS, Linux, Solaris, FreeBSD, Irix, BeOS, HPUX, OS/2, BSD, and more

Discussions, Mailing Lists - Ask Real People

mozilla-xul Mailing List - Alternative Archive @ Gmane
Ask questions or share tips and tricks about Mozilla XUL.

Getting Started - Overview

Xul Tutorial @ Xul Planet
Neil Deakin's example-packed, no-fluff Xul workout

Xul Intro @ Mozilla
Beyond hairballs and spaghetti code: separate content, appearance, behavior and locale

Creating Applications with Mozilla Using XUL, CSS and Javascript
O'Reilly's 500-page Xul thriller by David Boswell, Brian King, Ian Oeschger, Pete Collins, Eric Murphy (September 2002); all twelve chapters available for free in HTML under the Open Publication License; 1. Mozilla as Platform; 2. Getting Started; 3. XUL Elements and Features; 4. CSS in Mozilla Applications; 5. Scripting Mozilla; 6. Packaging and Installing Applications; 7. Extending the UI with XBL; 8. XPCOM; 9. XUL Templates; 10. RDF, RDF Tools, and the Content Model; 11. Localization; 12. Remote Applications

Reference / Cheat Sheets

Xul Reference @ Mozilla
All tags and attributes lined-up

Xul Reference @ Xul Planet
All tags and attributes illustrated

Xul Spec @ Mozilla
Xul spec under construction

Quick Reference @ Xul Planet
All tags grouped

FAQs - Off-The-Shelf Answers, Collected Wisdom

Mozilla XUL FAQ


Most Popular Mozilla XUL News Site

Mozilla News
Less Popular Mozilla XUL News Site

Apps Hall of Fame - XUL World Wonders and Beauty Queens

Komodo / Active State |
Dev Studio for Perl, Python, PHP, XSL/T and more

NewsMonster / Kevin A. Burton
News, weblog, and RSS aggregator that runs inside Mozilla 1.0 (Netscape 7.0 or greater) on OS X, Linux, or Windows and showcases the power of XUL and Java.

Mozilla XUL Apps @ |
Hosts over a hundred Moz XUL apps such as XULmine (XUL-based Minesweeper game), Jabberzilla (Jabber IM client for Mozilla), Mozoffice (Office productivity suite project) and many more.


Rapid Application Development with Mozilla
Xul thriller (November 2003) by Aussie Nigel McFarlane; 704 pages; Prentice Hall, ISBN: 0131423436

Creating Applications with Mozilla Using XUL, CSS and Javascript |
O'Reilly Xul thriller (September 2002) by David Boswell, Brian King, Ian Oeschger, Pete Collins and Eric Murphy; 474 pages; ISBN: 0596000529

Essential Xul Programming
By Vaughn Bullard, Kevin Smith and Michael Daconta (July 2001); covers the whole Mozilla Xul machinery including CSS, XBL and RDF; 448 pages; John Wiley & Sons; ISBN: 0471415804

Mozilla XUL Links, Links, Links

Mozilla XUL Links
Includes links to Mozilla XUL articles and much more

O'Reilly Mozilla DevCenter

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