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Thinlet XUL Toolkit |
Tiny XUL Motor in Java (less than 30k); designed for applets or mobile devices; runs even on Java 1.1; no Swing required; GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL); Started By Robert Bajzat; Now Maintained by the Thinlet Core Developer Team (Michael Nascimento Santos, Andrzej Bialecki, Stephen Colebourne)

News - History As It Happens

The Thinlet World
Official Thinlet News Blog

Discussions, Mailing Lists - Ask Real People

Thinlet Mailing List - Alternative Archive @ Gmane
Ask questions or share tips and tricks about the Thinlet XUL toolkit.

Thinlet Links, Links, Links

Thinlet Links
Includes links to Thinlet powered apps and much more

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