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XUL News Wire ( - Subscribe/Unsubscribe - Archive @ Sourceforge
Breaking News About XUL/XUI/XAML/XForms and friends; also known as the xul-announce Mailing List

The Richmond Post
Chronicle of the XUL Revolution; XML UI Language (XUL) News Weblog

Mailing Lists & Forums - General & Interop Discussions

xul-talk Mailing List - Subscribe/Unsubscribe - Archive @ Sourceforge
Talk about XML UI language (XUL) issues touching more than one XUL/XUI/XAML/XForms motor/browser/runtime/player/etc.

xaml-talk Mailing List - Archive @ Gmane
Ask questions or share tips and tricks about XAML (eXtensible Application Markup Language)

Mailing Lists & Forums - Mozilla, Thinlet, Luxor, MyXAML, SwiXML & Friends

XUL Forum Lineup (
Choose your mailing list or forum and ask questions or share tips and tricks about Mozilla XUL, Thinlet XUL, Luxor XUL, MyXAML, SwiXML and so on or talk about all things PHP & XUL, Perl & XUL, Python & XUL and so on.

Major Open-Source XUL Motors - The Big Five

Xul Granddaddy; runs on Mac OS, Linux, Solaris, FreeBSD, Irix, BeOS, HPUX, OS/2, BSD, and more

Xul toolkit includes web server, portal engine, template engine, scripting interpreter and more; Dual Licensed: GNU General Public License (GPL)+Classic License Option; Headed by Gerald Bauer

Tiny (less than 30k) XUL Motor in Java for creating Swing UIs for apps or applets; Apache-Style License; Started By Wolf Paulus; New and improved SwixML version dubbed SwiXNG headed by Michael Klaus

Tiny XUL Motor in Java (less than 30k); designed for applets or mobile devices; runs even on Java 1.1; no Swing required; GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL); Started By Robert Bajzat; Now Maintained by the Thinlet Core Developer Team (Michael Nascimento Santos, Andrzej Bialecki, Stephen Colebourne)

XUL/XAML toolbox for Mono/DotGNU/.Net; Dual Licensed: GNU General Public License (GPL)+Classic License Option; Headed by Marc Clifton

More Open-Source XML UI Builders (aka XUL Motors)

XUL motor in Java for building Eclipse UIs (SWT); Common Public License; headed by David J. Orme

Xul "Lite"; available as self-installing ActiveX browser plug-in; developed in Java; Ibex (formerly XWT) offspring; GNU General Public License (GPL); headed by Charles Goodwin and Tupshin Harper

XUL motor in Java for building Swing UIs; includes Python scripting support; GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL); headed by Son To

XAML parser for Mono/DotGNU/.NET in less than 300 lines of C# code; Public Domain; Created by Marc Clifton

Jazilla |
Reborn Mozilla Browser Clone In Java Includes XUL Motor named JzXUL (jXUL offspring); Mozilla Public License (MPL); headed by Mathew McBride

CookXML/CookSwing |
XAML parser for Java called CookXml includes an addon library called CookSwing that lets you build Swing UIs using XML; BSD License; headed by Heng Yuan

JellySwing/JellySWT |
Jelly Addons/Taglibs For Building Swing or SWT UIs; Apache License; Headed By James Strachan (of dom4j, jaxen and more fame)

Xoetrope XUI
XUL motor in Java for building AWT UIs running on Java 1.1.8 and up; Artistic License; Headed by Luan O'Carroll

Mini XUL motor that lets you build Gnome/GTK+ applets (desklets) using Python and XML; headed by Martin Grimme

XUL motor that lets you build UIs for GNUStep; headed by Nicola Pero

XUL motor in Keystonce C (a C/C++ dialect) that lets you build Gnome/Gtk+ UIs; includes W3C SVG support; GNU Lesser General Public License; headed by Jacob Lister

Python script dubbed Xulender creates Win32 C code for UIs from XUL sources; headed by Gerald Combs

More XUL Motor Projects

Dead/Neglected Open-Source XUL Motors

Closed-Source XUL Motors

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